Ex.23:16 You see that God's Feast Days are set around harvest times. Unleavened bread it time to plant seed and start growing fruit. At Penecost the firstfruit is picked and then the final gathering occurs around FOT. Did you catch that - this is the time we are to be growing fruit physically. So it sets the stage to look at spiritual fruit.

Gal.5:22-23 - Physical fruit grows larger, can change color (Peach, Banana), get bugs in and in it. In a similar way we spiritually grow...our fruits of the spirit increase over time - at least that is the goal - I don't know whether you can say the fruit of the spirit changes color or not. The fruit of the spirit growing in us can develop bugs -- from the sermon on self-righteousness.

Now there is one particular fruit to talk about today and that is faith - faithfulness


Hab:2:4 - the just shall live by faith.

2 Cor.5:7 - walk by faith -- Heb.11:13, 35-39

Heb.11:1-3 tells us what faith is. "Knowing that God will do what he says he will do when he said he would do it in his word. That is faith."

Luke 17:5 - What is the context? 1-4 offence and forgiveness -
He does not say how to increase faith in the way we think he should have said it. We would think just do A B C and so on till you have more.
So how do we increase our faith?
1.Ask - Luke 17: 5 They asked for Christ to increase their faith. James 1:5 Why ask, God would never answer me. (Heb.11:6 Rom.8:28)) James 1:6-8

2. Attend church - Rom.10:17 - faith comes from hearing the word of God. When would they hear that word -- AT CHURCH (notice end of Rom.10:14). Heb.10:25 -- We can also fellowship at church 1 John.1:7 - that relates to forgivesness and that is the context of Luke 17 when they said "increase our faith.