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eze 37:24 - david king again

Why does God give some 1000 yrs and others only 100? (isa 65:20) Those of the nations who remain after Christ's return will be in shell shock. Think about those soldiers who returned from Vietnam. Some suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome. Notice what humanity must suffer in Rev.8:7-13; 9.1-21 and 16:1-21. They will be shell shocked.

Let's see what will happen with humanity during the 1000 years.

isa11:11-12 - assembling of israel

isa 2:2-3 - law go forth

nehe 8:4-13 - help understand the law

with the application of God's law happiness and prosperity will abound

happ isa.25:8 - no more death

isa 35:10 - everlasting joy

nehe 8:3-5

pros isa 30:23

isa 35:1-8