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How true is the claim that God is a family? Gen 1:1 Elohim is a unipulural noun. like the word family, team, church group. Eph.3:14-15 John 1:1 In our English God is the family name. Father God, Jesus Christ God, your name God. Rev.14:1 We are called sons Rom 8:17-23

How reliable are the other books eg Books of Jasher,Enoch, or Maccabbees not part of the holy bible? Not written by inspiration of God II Tim.3:14-17 How relevant are their contents? Good for historical purposes and verify in many cases what is written in the scriptures "Is not this written in the Book of Jasher?"--Joshua, 10. 13. "Behold it is written in the Book of Jasher."--II Samuel, 1. 18 Antiochus then tries to suppress public observance of Jewish laws, apparently in an attempt to secure control over the Jews. He desecrates the Temple by setting up an "abomination of desolation" (an idol). Antiochus forbids both circumcision and possession of Jewish scriptures on pain of death. He also forbids observance of the sabbath and the offering of sacrifices at the Jerusalem temple. He even requires Jewish leaders to sacrifice to idols. While enforcement may be targeting only Jewish leaders, some Jews (and even children) are killed as a warning to others. Antiochus also introduces practices of Hellenistic culture

Does the translation of the Bible into various modern languages not affect the meanings of the original texts?Yes it can. That is why we are told to study. Acts 17:11 - they took what Paul said and studied it. John 16:9 compare KJV and NIV

Were the 10 lost tribes of israel missing in history? Here is what we do know from the Bible. 12 tribes Judah and Benjamin (southern kingdom) taken into captivity seperate from the other ten tribes (northern kingdom). James 1:1 Did they return to Israel? Eze 20:33-36

Is the Sabbath not binding on christians today? Yes it is binding, where does it say otherwise? Mark 2:27 - Lord of the Sabbath

What of tithing under the New Testament- it seems giving was advocated not giving of one tenth? Where in the NT does it say not to tithe. Mat 22:17-22 Heb.7:2 Gal.3:6-9 - Abraham (our father) set the example to tithe.

What role was Mary the mother of Jesus occupied in the early New Testament Church? Acts.1:14 is the final mention of her in the NT. John 19:25-27 Gal.2:9 tells where John went, to europe.

Was Jesus a created Son of God? No John 1:1 You can not get clearer than that.

Are christians today under obligation to observe the biblical holy days of the Old testament it seems Jesus kept them? Once again where does it say not to do it? Why do we keep the feast? To look good in God's sight? We keep the feast unto the Lord. In Lev 23 the first feast he mentions is the sabbath. He proclaims then to be His feasts. Col.2:16