How to "Chain Reference" Your Bible

Many of us find that even after listening for years to sermons, sermonettes; reading booklets and articles; that we still have difficulty in locating scripture and explaining our beliefs to others. We know that the scriptures are "in there somewhere," but we often forget where to locate them. "Chain-referencing" your Bible is a way to overcome that weakness and really gain a command of scripture and Bible Doctrine. Remember the axiom, that until you understand a subject well enough to teach and explain it, you do not really understand it.

"Chain-referencing" is really very simple, a lot of fun and will help you to really grow in your command of scripture. Here is how to do it:

1. When studying an article or booklet on doctrine or evaluating a spoken message, try to locate the most important scriptures and comments. Notice how the writer or speaker explains the doctrine or subject and which scriptures are the most vital. Notice especially the order in which the scriptures are used, because good teaching follows a logical order.

2. Make a "Chain-Reference" index in the front of your Bible, where you can list the subjects you wish to be able to explain or understand. Beside the subject you will list the first scripture which will get you into your subject. For example, you might have an index which begins like this:

CHAIN REFERENCE INDEX 1. Salvation-Conversion-Acts 2:37-38 2. Sabbath-Genesis 2:2 3. Heaven-Do Christians Go There When They Die?-Genesis 13:14-15

Now let's suppose that you what to chain-reference the subject "Sabbath" in your Bible. Genesis 2:2 will be your starting scripture. To explain the Sabbath, all you have to do is turn to your index, get your starting scripture, Genesis 2:2, and turn to that passage. Then beside this passage you will make a little box, with C.R., Sabbath and your next scripture. So once you get on the chain-reference road, it will take you to the end. Following is an illustration of how the Sabbath could be referenced. Notice especially the logical order of scripture and how each scripture "under-girds" the next one. It is a marvelous way to explain and understand Biblical Doctrine.

SABBATH How To Prove The Seventh Day Sabbath (Saturday) Should Still Be Observed.

1. Genesis 2:2-God rests on the seventh day and sanctifies the Sabbath.

2. C.R. Exodus 16:4-5-The Sabbath a TEST COMMANDMENT to prove whether one will walk in God's Law or not.

3. C.R. Exodus 16:23-God reveals to Israel the CORRECT DAY to keep the Sabbath after they have been in Egypt for 400 years.

4. C.R. Exodus 20:8-11-Sabbath a part of the Decalogue, the TEN COMMANDMENTS engraved in tablets of stone by the very finger of God. Shows the Sabbath is a memorial of God's creation.

5. C.R. Enodus 31:13-17-Sabbath is a SIGN of God's people. We of the faith are spiritual Israelites; children of Abraham (Gal.3:7)

6. C.R. Deuteronomy 5:12-15-Sabbath again included as part of the Ten Commandments. Emphasizes that the Sabbath is a day of LIBERTY.

7. C.R. Ezekiel 20:12-Sabbath a SIGN of SANCTIFICATION.

8. C.R. Ezekiel 20:20-23-The breaking of the Sabbath a primary reason Israel went into CAPTIVITY and was scattered.

9. C.R. Mark 1:21-Jesus Christ teaches on the Sabbath.

10. C.R. Luke 4:16-Jesus Christ faithfully attends the synagogue on the Sabbath as His custom or habit was. We are to walk in His steps (1 Peter 1:21).

11. C.R. Mark 2:27-28-Sabbath was made for MAN, not just for the Jew. Jesus Christ is LORD of the Sabbath.

12. C.R. Matthew 24:20-Show Sabbath was still to be observed in later times.

13. C.R. Luke 23:56-Holy Spirit inspries N.T. writer Luke to affirm that the Sabbath was still a COMMANDMENT. Luke was written around 60 A.D. Almost 30 years after Christ's death.

14. C.R. Hebrews 4:9-There remains a SABBATISMOS (Greek-"A keeping of the Sabbath") to the people of God. The Sabbath is a picture of the rest we have in Christ and finally in His Kingdom.

15. C.R. Acts 13:14-15-Paul teaches in Antioch in the synagogue on the Sabbath.

16. C.R. Acts 13:42-44-Paul teaches to BOTH Jews and Gentile on the Sabbath.

17. C.R. Acts 16:12-13-Paul teaches in a strictly GENTILE area in Philipi on the Sabbath.

18. C.R. Acts 17:1-4-Paul teaches on three consecutive Sabbaths to Jews and Greeks.

19. C.R. Acts 18:1-4-Paul works six days as a tent maker and teaches in the synagogue every Sabbath.

20. C.R. Isaiah 56:2-7-A MILLENNIAL reference to God's Sabbath.

21. C.R. Isaiah 58:13-14-We are to turn away from doing our own pleasure on the Sabbath and call the Sabbath a DELIGHT.

22. C.R. Isaiah 66:23-24-Sabbath to be kept after the time of the NEW HEAVENS and the NEW EARTH.

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