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Brethren the feast is just days away. Have you given much thought to where you will attend this year? Consider attending the Feast in Pomona Missouri this year. Take a break from large crowds and activities galore. Enjoy small town America, and the beauty God has created.

You and I have been given a special opportunity that the world does not even know about. All they have heard is that it is Jewish and has been done away with by Christ. Yet the Feast is all about what Christ will do for humanity, and our part in it. Satan has blinded the world into thinking that God's Holy Days are MEANINGLESS to their lives.

God the Father and Jesus Christ want you to attend the Feast of Tabernacles. They want you to be ready to have a wonderful Feast.

Here are some things you can do to get ready

PRAY about the Feast! Pray about services and the speakers and the messages given and for the health of the members.

Prepare your vehicle - no matter if you are going far or attending close by you will be driving, so be sure to check the car out. Make sure it will get you to services each day. Prepare your clothes - see if any items need dry cleaning or repair.

Get rest and sleep ahead of the Feast. Eight days of church in a row can make the body tired.

Plan some fun activities that you would not normally do. In the area of Pomona, there are lakes, rivers, springs and mills to visit. Or perhaps an afternoon visit to Springfield or Branson would be enjoyable?

Prepare to enjoy God's Feast of Tabernacles! It has been established by God to remind you personally of the things God has in store for you.