Would like you like to become a member of the Church of God Southern Missouri Internet Church Service?

We realize that God's people are spread everywhere across the earth. In some cases there is not a Sabbath keeping church nearby, but they do have access to the internet. This is where we would like to help.

Everyone who looks at this site is able to do the following:

1. Look at all the information available
2. Download all the Sermons and Sermonettes on the site
3. Be apart of the Internet Church Service
4. Have contact with the Pastor through E-Mail or Telephone or mail
5. Have an anointed cloth sent to there home, so that they can be anointed
6. Submit a prayer request
7. Ask questions about the Bible

By becoming a member you will receive these additional benefits:

1. An E-Mail that will let you know when a new Web Church Service has been posted
2. Receive a Feast card 3 times a year (if you include a mailing address)
3. Special updates regarding the Church of God Southern Missouri
4. Receive any newsletters and/or literature the Church puts out

All these members benefits are FREE to you.

Please send an e-mail to George Edmonston Pastor. Include your mailing address if you would like literature sent to your home. Cancel membership at any time you wish.

Thank you for letting us serve you.