Free Gift

Dear Website Visitor,

Thank you for visiting the Church of God Southern Missouri Website. Any person looking at this page can get the 10 Commandments shown at the bottom of this page. It looks beautiful in a frame, that is where my wife put ours. You can tack it on the Bulletin board or where ever you like. There is no charge. If you have a friend that might like to have copy, just copy one for them or tell them about it, as I said it is free.

If you would like to visit our church, just come ahead. We will be glad to have you. If you are not attending a church right now bring the Family and come be with us.

If you are about to make a change check us out and be prepared to have a Good Sabbath Rest as God wants us to do.

We are easy to find. At Pomona Missouri go East on N Hwy. We are at the top of the hill on the left side. We are next to the Church of Christ. The picture of our church is on this websites front page. We are easy to find, our services begin at 11 AM Saturday. We also have the Feast of Tabernacles every fall right here in our building. We have a great church and we attend the same day as Christ did. It has not been done away with. Come and find out for yourself.

The Very Best to You and Yours,

Love to all,
Pastor Dan

To download the Ten Commandments to your computer, right click on the image and click on the "Save Picture As" option.

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