Sermon Summary

Do you have Faith? Heb.11:1. There is faith and there is true faith. We are here for the true faith. God answers our prayers and heals us by that true faith.

What we as Christians need to do is recognize false substitutes for faith.
1. A Positive Attitude. This is not faith. Phil.4:8

2. Guilt. This is a motivator for obedience, not faith. Ps.111:10

3. Wishing. Wishing is wanting something to happen. Wish is wishing and faith is faith.

4. Emotional enthuasium. This is how the Israelites felt as they were leaving Egypt. EX.14:8

5. Hope. Optimistic expectation. I Cor.13:13 Faith is believing God will do what he says he will in his word. Ps.37:25

6. Fear of Punishment. Numbers 14:10

7. Intimidation. Obeying out of intimidation is not obeying out of faith.

8. Hopelessness. Isa.64:6

9. Stubborness. Deut.9:6

Faith is easy to define. Heb.11:6 Knowing that God will do what he says he will do when he said he would do it in his word. That is faith. It is a gift, and when you receive it, you receive it. Eph.2:8

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