I am Glad you decided to come to this page and read it. I hope to put a considerable amount of information on this page for you. Most will not read this and will not benefit from it. You however that do read it will be at an advantage.

Read our blog. It will put you ahead with God's truth and not mans interpretations. You can be sure of this by checking the Bible for yourself. You do not have to ask your minister if Jesus Christ is correct or not. Some ministers want to make the Bible complicated so you have to rely on them. I want to expand on our ministry. I know now that times are hard and they always have been when it comes to giving to the Work of God. The benefits are great according to the Word of God.

Read our blog, listen and watch our many sermons and consider attending the Feast of Tabernacles with us. I am personally looking forward to hearing from you. Let us worship the True God together.

In His Service,
George Edmonston - Minister